The Bulling epidemic needs to be taken seriously. Far too many kids are being emotionally & physically harmed.


Bullies steal the self-esteem of countless children each year. Bullying is linked by the Centers for Disease Control to isolation, drug abuse, school violence & SUICIDE.

Every child will be forced to deal with a bully at one time or another. The question is: How will your child handle the situation without taking any damage, emotionally or physically?

It’s tough for both parents & teachers to deal with bullying, most kids are forced to deal with it on their OWN. The best way to help children not become a victim of bullies is by giving them the tools they need to deal with them. Along with martial arts skills, that build confidence, self-esteem, and give a full body workout, we have a comprehensive curriculum to better deal with, recognize & avoid these situations. We will teach your child step by step how to verbally diffuse the bully using worksheets & role playing. If that doesn’t work & all other options have been exhausted, how to defend & protect themselves from serious harm, & to physically control the bully until he or she gives up or help arrives.

If you have any questions about our Bully Proof Program in Queens.

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